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Gala Rack

The Closet Outfit Planner

will revolutionize your approach to shopping for clothes and getting dressed. 

Get ready to reinvent the way you choose clothing, wear your best colors, and express your style from the inside out! 

Clothing Rack

Built on the foundation of a woman's best colors, your closet can be converted into a boutique designed just for you!

At Beauty by Dawn B our mission is to help each of our clients develop an authentic look by teaching her how to create a timeless wardrobe without buying cheaply made fast fashion but instead make sustainable, intentional and budget-friendly choices so that she can be a good steward of her resources. 

The Closet Outfit Planner can help you do just that...

Jackets on the Hanger Bar

What's Included?


We carefully choose a selection of neutral and pop colors for your Color Code then show you how to use those colors to pair pieces in your collection.


Shop your closet first! This list guarantees you'll only buy what you need for the season. We include a list for both core and trend pieces so you don't buy what you already have.


The featured fashions are split into two lists: Core and Trend. Staples will be there for you season after season while trends will provide an instant update to your look! 



Hundreds of links to stores for all budgets, shapes and sizes are included throughout the planner and provide style inspiration. Happy Shopping!



Accessories are meant to adorn any outfit with personality and a splash of style! Include trending items if they're right for you and your style personality.



Outfit pairings give you the image you need to inspire a new outfit combo. If you see a look you like, just copy what you see in the picture - it's that easy!


Clothing impacts the way the world perceives you and the way you see yourself. Don't resort to wearing the same old "uniform". Find the fun in your fashion journey!


Finding your style and discovering your best colors is only half the battle! We include expert tips for addressing those challenging spots we all have. 

Ready to begin building your perfect wardrobe?

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