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Winter Closet Outfit

Planner Today

What's Included in Each Planner...


#1 Body Shape Key

 The Body Shape Key will guide you on pairing together the Planner outfits based on your shape. You’re going to LOVE this ever popular feature!


#2 Closet Inventory Checklist 

This checklist allows you to inventory what's already in your closet so you don't spend unnecessary dollars on items you may already own. 


#3 Possible Pairings Outfit Guide

We've done the work for you and put together 30 fabulous outfits so all you have to do is copy a look, get dressed and head out the door. Choose one for each day of the month!


#4 Outfits Made Simple Chart

If the Possible Pairings Outfit Guide isn't enough inspiration for you, we've included a chart with an additional 120+ combinations so you never run out of outfit ideas.


#5 Shopping Links to Hundreds of Places

For each of the 27 recommended clothing items, we've linked to stores for all kinds of budgets, shapes and sizes, plus unique style inspiration to make shopping a breeze. It's like having your own stylist right at your fingertips! 


#6 Trending Accessories, Shoes and Handbag Guide

Each season brings fashion trends that seem fit only for high fashion runways, so we’ve sorted through and chosen trends that work for real women like us, so you know just what to buy to look modern yet classy and in style.

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