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2022 Spring Trends

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I'm not sure that I've ever considered myself as "trendy". In fact, for years I have chosen timeless and classic pieces - whether for my home or with my clothing. I've favored items that are always in style from season to season and year to year. When I have selected more trendy or bolder pieces, they usually are in the form of accessories. My outfit formula was always to keep it pretty simple with a classic top & bottom and then accentuate the outfit with something fun such as a colorful handbag or animal print shoes. What about you? Do you consider yourself trendy or fashion-forward?

Don't get me wrong, I've always been super interested in fashion and knowing what was trending. I loved pouring over fashion magazines in my teens and 20's. But for some reason, I was always too nervous to try and wear super trendy items for fear that I couldn't pull them off. After a while, I stopped paying close attention to what was trending and just stuck to what I knew. But, ever since meeting Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith/Style by Color in the fall of 2020 and training under her, I find myself once again looking forward to discovering the season's trends - whether with colors, clothing styles, or accessories.

This past fall & winter season I decided I was ready to step out and try sporting some of the trends. My seasonal color palette of black, red, and soft white was something I was totally comfortable building my capsule wardrobe with. And I was excited to add one of the pattern trends, houndstooth, to my wardrobe. A classic pattern that one was not out of my comfort zone. One of the things that was out of my comfort zone though is chunky soled shoes & boots. Something I swore I would never wear. I have always like sleek, sophisticated pumps and classic flats. Chunky, lug-soled boots - no way! In fact, they had been trending for a while but I thought to myself that was one trend I was not interested in. However, as the fall turned colder, I started thinking maybe some lug-soled boots could be a warmer option and maybe, just maybe I could give them a shot. I started off by buying a pair of combat boots. Perfect to pull on with some leggings, a flannel, and my leather jacket. I wore this outfit to the movies one rainy Sunday. After wearing the boots for about a month or so, I was shopping one day and saw some lug-soled chelsea boots which I decided to pick up on a whim. They are now my favorite and most worn shoe of the entire winter. And as winter draws to a close and spring is upon us, I cannot wait to try some of 2022's trends.

Here are the top 10 trending clothing styles for Spring 2022:

  1. Maxi Dresses

  2. Crafty Denim

  3. Y2K Nostalgia

  4. Denim Skirts

  5. Dark Washed Denim

  6. Distressed Hemlines

  7. Maxi Pleated Skirts

  8. Statement Suits

  9. Smart Shorts

  10. Catsuits/Jumpsuits

As you can see denim will be everywhere this spring. That is a trend pretty much everyone should be able to incorporate into their wardrobe. I will be talking more about each these trends, to include pictures, on my social media channels. If you're not yet following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok you can find me everywhere at Called2Confidence. I will also be sharing pattern and accessory trends - including shoes, handbags, & jewelry - in a future post. So stay tuned...

Want to know which colors are trending for your Dominant Color Code (DCC) this season? First, take the Free Online Color Quiz Then you can contact me to order your digital color swatches ($10), schedule a mini color session with me and receive verification of your DCC, a 4-page style guide, 2-page makeup guide, and the digital swatches ($47). Or order, the Spring 2022 Closet Outfit Planner ($37) and receive a capsule wardrobe plan based on trending colors and styles. Planner will be available March 11, 2022. Visit for more info.

Which of these trends are you most looking forward to trying?

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