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My Approach to Skin Cycling

Do you have a cabinet full of skin care products that you eagerly purchased with the full intention of using them? But now they are just sitting there taking up space in the cabinet because you don't know how often to use each product or what order to apply them in. Or you do use them but are so inconsistent you'll use a mask or exfoliating product and then it's weeks or months before you remember to use it again. It's taken me a long time to figure out a good evening skin care routine that allows me to cycle my products in and be consistent with using them.

Have you heard of skin cycling? I first heard the term on TikTok a few years ago. In a Vogue article published in November 2023 they answered the question What Is Skin Cycling? as follows: “The concept of skin cycling applies to a nighttime skin care routine, which involves using active ingredients only on certain days, and following them with ‘rest’ days,” explains Dr. Alexis Granite. “A four-day cycle is the most popular, which typically comprises using active ingredients for two nights of the week, followed by two nights of rest—and repeating.” The article continues with reasons why this approach is effective. After watching multiple videos and reading up about the trend I started trying to apply it to my skin care routine. What I struggled with is the four-day cycle doesn't fit in neatly into a week. Trying to remember which day I was on wasn't always easy. I decided it was time to create a personalized routine that worked for me.

Another video I saw on social media sparked a new idea as well. Unfortunately I don't recall the user name but I saw an esthetician on TikTok talk about how you can replicate an at-home treatment similar to a facial you'd get in a spa. After watching the video, I decided to incorporate a weekly facial into my skin care routine. Taking the concepts of the facial and skin cycling, I have finally created a consistent weekly evening skin care routine. And I want to share what's working for me in case it's helpful to you.

Here's my weekly routine:

Sunday - At-home facial treatment which includes using an exfoliator, steam, and a mask followed by my basic skin care routine + anti-aging serum

Monday - Basic skin care routine + Retinol

Tuesday - Basic skin care routine + anti-aging serum + additional hydration

Wednesday - Basic skin care routine + Exfoliation

Thursday - Basic skin care routine + Retinol

Friday - Basic skin care routine + anti-aging serum + additional hydration

Saturday - Basic skin care routine

Now you might be wondering what a "basic skin care routine" consists of. For me that term describes a simple routine consisting of cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream. In my opinion, these 3 products are the backbone of a good skin care routine.. Once you've established a good solid routine then you can begin adding in additional steps that target specific skin concerns such as serums, boosters, exfoliation, and retinol. However, you don't want to use every single product every single night. That's why having a set routine has helped me cycle in these additional products without overwhelming my skin.

Over the next few week's I'll go into more detail regarding each of these evening routines. Plus, I'm also creating a series on my YouTube channel where I'll be walking you through my routine step by step.

Note: Just because this routine works for me doesn't mean it's one size fits all. If you need help curating your own personalized skin care routine email me at to schedule your personalized skin care analysis.

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