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My Favorite Spring Trends: Patterns, Jewelry, & Shoes

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” Virgil A. Kraft

I love springtime. The vibrant colors, fragrant blossoms, and warm sunshine. This spring has been especially glorious as we are coming out of a difficult two years of change and uncertainty. Although a certain virus is not 100% eradicated, it seems as if we may be emerging into our "new normal". Who would have thought just a few short years ago that phrase, among many others, would become so commonplace. And as spring marches toward summer, I have been enjoying another wardrobe refresh. The Spring Closet Outfit Planner helped me to choose just the right pieces for both my Dominant Color Code while incorporating the current trends. In my last blog I shared with you the top 10 clothing styles that are trending this season. In this blog I'm going to share the patterns and accessories that are my favorites this spring. Some of these have definitely made their way into my closet over the last few months. I realize June will be here before we know it, but don't worry - these trends will still be looking great all summer long.

First up let's talk patterns. My personal favorites of the top trending patterns this season are:

  1. Gingham. A classic spring & summer pattern. This is definitely one of the hottest trends & my personal favorite! Pick a skirt, top, sundress, or even a cute pair of gingham shoes in your favorite color. Not a fan of gingham? Get the same vibe by opting for a plaid.

  2. Fruit Stripes. Stripes are trending this season, but it's time to go colorful, big & bold! Thick stripes and fun colors. Think juicy fruit gum. Choose vertical stripes for a more slimming silhouette.

  3. Polka Dots. Joyful & fun! Tip: find one that's scaled to your frame. Tall or plus-sized? Choose a larger dot. Petite? Choose a smaller dot. Average size height or frame? Choose a medium-sized dot. Bonus tip: apply the same concept to other patterns, such as floral.

  4. Animal Print. I love me some animal print. In fact, it's become so popular in recent years it's now considered a neutral. Be sure to choose the right print for your Dominant Color Code. Find your best animal print on your color swatches. Don't have them yet? Contact me to order yours.

  5. Tie-Dye. While tie-dye was trending last season, this year it's more subtle & subdued. Think of softness & serenity. Maybe choose a single color or toned down hues. This is a great casual pattern that you can wear all summer long.

  6. Tropical Florals. These will be big this summer. Can't get away to the islands this year? Opt for a beautiful sundress in a tropical floral and feel all the vacay vibes. Choose bold, bright colors & remember to scale the pattern size to your frame.

  7. Kitchy Florals. Not sure what that means? It's grandma's florals re-imagined. Think grandma's apron, dress, or even wallpaper. Pretty, soft, feminine, delicate florals. A touch of nostalgia.

Which pattern is your favorite? I have added gingham & bold stripes to my closet this spring. Deciding what to choose next.

Next up is jewelry trends. Just like our striking patterns this season we find lot of bold choices when it comes to jewelry. Think "go big or go home". My favorite jewelry trends this spring are:

  1. Chandelier Earrings. I have been a fan of chandelier earrings for years. Choose delicate pieces or find something colorful and creative.

  2. Pearls. This trend is all about classic with a modern twist. Layer pearl necklaces, wear an artsy bracelet or choose a statement ring. Pearls can be worn with gold or silver and you can wear them with almost anything.

  3. Chain Link. Think bold. Choose gold or silver. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Make a statement by adding this trend to your jewelry wardrobe this season.

  4. Candy Colored Baubles. Colorful pattern trends deserve just as colorful jewelry. Choose bright accessories in every hue of the rainbow. Add a funky bracelet or stack multi-colored rings to add some fun to your spring and summer style.

Now that we're styled in a trendy outfit with some great accessories, what will we choose next? Let's finish our outfit off with the season's best shoe trends! Here are my 3 top shoe trends this spring & summer:

  1. Loafers. If you are looking for a stylish but comfortable shoe, add a loafer to your collection. You can choose flats or go with a platform then pick a neutral or add a pop of color. An instant classic.

  2. Slides. These were hot last year and they are sticking around. For the most updated look, choose a square toe. Flats or heels are both a great choice. When choosing a heel, opt for a block heel to stay current & on trend.

  3. A white sneaker. I'm not talking workout shoes. You need a white sneaker in your wardrobe to wear with everything from jeans & a tank top to that cute summer sundress in your closet. This is now a classic that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Mine are already getting lots of wear.

Before I finish, I want to mention one of my favorite trends that will be hot this summer as well as a fun accessory that I'm loving! Eyelet and headbands. Eyelet is everywhere. Find it in everything from tops, dresses, skirts or accessories to the trim on capri pants. And headbands are hot! Giving me lots of Gossip Girl vibes. These are a fun way to add a pop of color or pretty pattern to your outfit. What accessory are you currently loving?

I hope you find this helpful as you select pieces for your spring & summer wardrobe. Happy Shopping!

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