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Top tips to get the most out of your Closet Outfit Planner

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of capsule wardrobe systems out there. So what makes the Style by Color Closet Outfit Planner (COP) different? Here are 8 reasons I think this digital resource stands out from the rest:

Color Analysis. Using the Color Code System developed by Shari Braendel, owner & founder of Style by Color, each Closet Outfit Planner is designed with colors that flatter your unique Color Code. The colors chosen each season are not only selected from your color swatch palette, they are also based on trending colors for that season which makes shopping for new pieces super easy and keeps your outfits looking modern and fresh.

Core Staples. The foundation of a good capsule is basics. The COP shows you not only how to build a core capsule, but with the included body shape guide you'll know exactly which silhouettes to shop for. And by building a smaller capsule of pieces that transition from season to season and that you'll wear for years to come, you can invest in higher quality items which will save you money in the long term.

Trending Styles. Once you have your core pieces you can have fun adding in trending styles and fabrics each season. Learn which trends are most wearable and choose which to incorporate into your wardrobe. Pairing trending items with your core pieces will help your outfits look modern and not outdated.

Closet Inventory Checklist. The COP is designed to help you save money by shopping your closet first before adding anything new each season. The checklist will help you discover the items you already own so that you can only buy what you need instead of trying to buy an entire new collection each year.

Shopping Guide. Once you've determined which pieces you need to complete your capsule for the season you can shop without leaving the house. An online shopping link is included in the planner. There are dozens of options from various retailers at multiple price points.

bOd-X Body Shape Guide. This amazing resource is included for free in your planner. Learn which body type you have and which necklines, pants styles, and more are best for you.

Style Personality. We are all unique with not only different color codes, body shapes, but also our style personalities. This guide will help you identify which fabrics, styles, and accessories work best for you and your lifestyle. Learn how to accessorize an outfit with your personal style.

Community. When you purchase your COP, you also gain access to the free Closet Outfit Planner Facebook community. In the group you'll learn style tips & tricks from Certified Image Consultants and you'll get to connect with hundreds of women who have also purchased the planner. In the group you'll find other stylish women who love to share their outfits and encourage each other in the process.

Now that you know what makes the Closet Outfit Planner the best Capsule Wardrobe System on the market, let me give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your planner.

  1. Make sure you're ordering the right planner for your Color Code. The very first time I ever ordered the planner I purchased the wrong one! I was trying to save money and didn't invest in a color confirmation first. If you're not sure your results from the Free Online Color Quiz are 100% accurate, it really pays to get your results confirmed.

  2. Don't be afraid to swap out colors. The COP is based on trending colors for the season. Typically you'll see 1-2 neutrals paired with 2-3 pop or trending colors. What if you don't have one of the shades in your closet and you're trying not to spend a lot of money this year? Swap out one or more of the hues shown in your planner for a different shade from your color swatches. For example, this season my planner was shown with black (neutral), orchid (purple), and Jamaica (a beautiful aqua blue). I have tons of black in my closet and also had quite a few purple items. But unfortunately I had zero items that were Jamaica. I'm trying to save money this year and not buy a bunch of new items. So I decided to swap out Jamaica for Mint (green), which I already had in my closet.

  3. Shop your closet first. Whether it's substituting colors or swapping out items try to make what you already own work before you hit the mall. The planner is not meant to be copied 100%. If a printed dress is shown and you don't own a printed dress but you have a solid color dress then include that instead. Or maybe you don't love dresses and instead you have a jumpsuit hanging in your closet. Wear it! Feel free to swap out items that don't work for your lifestyle and wear things that you already love and own.

  4. Express your personality. Again, the planner is not meant to be a blueprint that you must follow 100%. It's more of a guide to direct you towards building a practical capsule that is also on trend. Use the planner as a foundation for building a wardrobe that works for you. I certainly don't want to look like everyone else and wear the exact same pieces as every other women who has also purchased the planner. If the picture is shown with heels and a fancy purse but you'd rather wear simple sandals and carry a backpack go for it! Take the planner as inspiration and build a wardrobe you love.

If you would like more information on ordering your own Closet Outfit Planner CLICK HERE

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