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Discover the power of color


Did you know that wearing the right colors can make you look radiant, energized, and even more youthful. But wearing the wrong shades will make you look tired, exhausted, and can even age you. 

As a Certified Color Analysis Specialist I can recommend the best shades of clothing, accessories, makeup, patterns, and more to each of my clients. By analyzing your hair and eye colors, skin tone, and contrast level, I will assign you to the correct Color Code and help you to select your best colors.

Are you ready to become color confident? Let's get started. First up, take the Free Online Color Quiz

Shopping Online

Color Confirmation


An affordable way to confirm your Color Quiz results. Email me your results along with a few head shots and I'll verify your Color Code. Plus you'll receive a free makeup guide as a bonus!

Digital Style Guide & Color Swatches are not included.

On a Video Call

Mini Color Consultation


During this 30 minute virtual consultation I'll give you an overview of your Color Code including your best neutrals, pop colors, makeup, and accessories. Includes a Digital Style Guide in your Color Code ($30 value). You'll also receive the digital color collection.  

The Color Experience


The Color Experience is a 90 min session that provides you with a complete explanation of your Dominant Color Code and contrast level. You'll receive personalized recommendations for clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more. Includes a Digital Style Guide and both the Digital Color Collection and Color Card Deck.

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What's Next?


Once you know your best colors you'll want to make sure you select the best shades every time whether you're organizing and purging your own closet or going shopping for some new pieces.

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