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Eye Shadow 101: Part 1

I have taught makeup application techniques for 28 years. In that time, the most common request I've gotten is how to apply eye makeup correctly. Four years ago, shortly after starting my YouTube channel, I started a video series addressing this topic. In the videos I dove deep into a myriad of things such as eye shape, how to apply makeup for glasses, and looks ranging from a simple swipe of color to a smokey eye.

Why am I talking about a video series from 4 years ago? I have recently begun developing a makeup masterclass and decided to revisit some of my older YouTube videos for inspiration. In addition, between my crazy travel schedule and an upcoming move my to-do list has been a little crazy as of late. Finding time to create new videos has become a bit of a challenge this month. So I thought I'd go through the eye shadow series with my clients as many have found me in the years since I published the videos and have likely not seen the series. A side note: it's funny for me to watch my old videos and see how far I've come. I've learned so much about sound quality, lighting, and camera presence.

Here's a quick recap of the topics I discussed in the first video, which was an introduction to the series:

  1. Before starting your eye makeup there are many factors to consider - your lifestyle, the occasion, time of day, and more. Determining each of these will help you to choose the best products and application techniques for the perfect look.

  2. How to determine your eye shape. Are your eyes close-set, hooded, or another type? Learning how to identify your unique eye shape will help you know which techniques to learn to enhance your features.

  3. Choosing your hue. Did you know that the color wheel can help you pick the best eye shadow shades? Opposite colors are complementary so wearing those shades can make your eyes pop.

  4. Comparing the products. Do you prefer a powder eye shadow or is a liquid shadow your favorite? In the series I'll do makeup looks with both types of shadows.

  5. Selecting the right finish. Matte v. Shimmer. Learn which finish is best for your eye shape or look.

If you'd like to check out the video for yourself you can watch it here. Need more help with your makeup? Schedule your complementary consultation by emailing me at

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