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"Fall"ing for the new trends

The seasons are changing again and you know what that's time to start swapping out those tropical florals and straw bags for cozy sweaters and booties. Summer is my favorite season but I do love curating my fall wardrobe as the weather cools down. I went shopping last weekend and saw the latest trends everywhere! I'm going to share the top 10 styles and top 5 patterns for fall 2022 in this blog, but before I do that let's talk a little bit about trends. Trends come and go every season and are inspired by designer collections that are shown during fashion weeks in major cities around the world. The runway styles are typically over the top, but the general trends, colors, and patterns make their way into the mainstream where you'll find them everywhere from a local boutique, to a department store, and the big box chains. Before adding trends to your closet it's important to get a sense of your personal style. You'll want to determine how these style and pattern trends fit into your wardrobe. I'll talk more about the four dominant Style Personalities in a future blog, but for now think about these two questions: 1. Would I have bought this style or pattern if it wasn't trending? 2. Can I see myself wearing this trend for years to come? If you answered no to both questions, it's probably not the right trend for you. If it's something you never would have bought or worn, maybe skip that trend or pick another. Or maybe you don't care about being trendy at all but are more focused on curating a wardrobe of timeless staples. In that case, pick a few trends that are timeless - for instance the crisp white shirt and plaid. Both of these will always be stylish, but they just happen to be trending right now which makes them easier to find. Perfect if you're looking to add either of these to your closet. If you are choosing a timeless "trend", maybe look for an investment piece. Something well made from a designer that could be a splurge but will hold up for many years to come. You may even find these pieces at an upscale consignment shop. On the other hand if you want to try something fun and funky but don't think you'll wear it past a season or two try shopping at thrift stores or look for those items from the big box stores where they'll be more affordable.

First, let's start with my Top 10 Style Trends:

  1. Crisp White Blouse

  2. Medium Wash Jeans

  3. The Great White Tank

  4. Leather and Faux Leather

  5. Cargo Joggers

  6. Back to Black

  7. Red Hot

  8. Cozy, Oversized Shirts, Jackets, and Vests

  9. Bomber and Utility Jackets

  10. Long Line Silhouettes

A quick explanation of these trends. The crisp white blouse is a staple this fall. Weather you choose a button down with a pair of jeans or choose something oversized paired with leggings, this is a style you'll be able to wear this season and for years to come. In fact, you might already have one in your closet. Next, let's talk denim. Typically dark denim is the go-to for cool weather, but this year you'll see medium wash denim everywhere. And speaking of denim if you want to be on trend this year put the skinny jeans away and wear a looser fit - boyfriend jeans, wide leg, or even straight leg styles will look fresh and modern. Another wardrobe staple that you might already have is a white tank. Normally we see tank tops trending in the summer, but this fall they are perfect for layering under cozy cardigans and faux leather jackets. Speaking of (p)leather this is my personal favorite trend. Leather (or faux leather) is everywhere in the stores. You'll find it from designers like Michael Kors and Ted Baker, on the racks at TJ Maxx, and probably even your local consignment shops. Next up, joggers. This pant style has been trending for a few years but this season look for ones with cargo pockets. Besides the leather trend "Back to Black" is another top favorite of mine this year. I personally love wearing black and as a Clear in the Style by Color Analysis System, it's a great color for me. Not sure if black is your best color? Take my free Color Code Quiz and find out your Dominant Color Code. Then order your Color Swatches and find out if black is your best neutral or if you would look better in gray, navy, or brown. Speaking of colors - Red Hot is the next style trend you're going to see everywhere this fall. Red shirts, pants, jackets, accessories...feel free to wear this shade from head to toe. Choose bright bold reds, burgundies, soft reds, or any hue from your color swatches. I just purchased a few red hot items and I can't wait to start wearing them! What says fall more than cozy oversized shirts, jackets, and vests? Have you heard of the "shacket"? The shacket is a cozy oversized shirt worn as a jacket. They have been gaining popularity the past few years and the trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Whether you choose a solid color or opt for a fall plaid, you'll be cozy and on trend wearing this style all season long. If you're looking for a different jacket style you might be a fan of the bomber jacket. I'm thinking the release of Top Gun Maverick earlier this year could have inspired this trend, but maybe that's just a guess. ;) The last style trend I am going to share is called Long Line Silhouettes. This is wearing lines that are not broken such as monochromatic looks, over the knee boots, and maxi dresses. Which of these 10 styles is your favorite?

Next, let's talk about the Top 5 Pattern Trends:

  1. Plaid and Houndstooth

  2. Leopard, Cheetah, & SeaSkin

  3. Horse Girl Equestrian

  4. Psychedelic/New Wave

  5. Furnishing Floral

Do you like wearing patterns? Depending on your style personality they might be your go-to when shopping for new clothes. Or you might be like me and tend to shy away from most patterns. The great news is there's a pattern on this list for everyone! The first pattern is my personal favorite - plaid & houndstooth - which are both a holdover from last year. I already have both in my closet so I am excited to pull them back out. This trend is great for all the modern classics. Next up is for all you animal print lovers. We all know what leopard & cheetah look like, but what is seaskin? It is patterns that mimic reptiles such as crocodile and snake. These are a great way to add some subtle pattern with a monochromatic print. If you're a fashionista you'll love adding one of these patterns to your fall wardrobe. The third pattern trend is one I can see modern classics wearing as well. In my opinion it's the perfect pattern trend for the preppy girl. Horse girl equestrian features silk scarves and shirts with chain detail. If you're a creative original I think you will love the next trend...psychedelic prints. Fun colors, fun prints, a flashback to the 60's and 70's. And lastly, furnishing floral is just what it sounds like. If the flowers look like they could be on a piece of furniture it's trendy this year. So if you're looking to add a trendy piece or two this year, consider one of these prints.

As I said earlier, not every trend is for every person. You definitely don't need to add all of these to your wardrobe this year. I think adding 2-3 styles and 1-2 prints is perfect. There are a few trends I will not be adding to my closet as they just don't fit my style personality, but there's a few I have already purchased and can't wait to wear. I hope this blog has helped you see how you can subtly add a few pieces to your closet to make your wardrobe feel fresh and modern for the season.

In my next blog I'll share the trending bags, shoes & jewelry for the season. So stay tuned...

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