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Pattern & Fabric Trends for Spring 2024

A few weeks ago I shared 20 Style Trends for Spring 2024. In this week's blog, let's look at patterns and fabrics that will be everywhere this season.

  1. Sheer Details. Whether it's an entirely sheer blouse, a dress with a sheer detail near the neckline, or a top with sheer sleeves, this trend is carrying over from last year so you might already have a piece or two in your closet.

  2. Tropical/Bold Florals. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. (Any The Devil Wears Prada fans out there?) This spring go big and go bold. If you love florals this one is for you.

  3. Geometric Prints. A geometric pattern contains one element or shape that repeats itself. Whether it's squares, circles, triangles, or another shape this design is great for those who love structured patterns. Look for a combination of light and dark colors for a high contrast look. Or choose colors in similar hues for a low contrast print.

  4. Voluminous Texture. 3D fabrics, puff sleeves, and floral embellishments are just examples of how you can bring your outfit to life with this super fun trend.

  5. Abstract. Can't describe the fabric as one specific print such as geometric, stripes, florals, or polka dots? Maybe it's an abstract print. Different colors, patterns, and shapes forming a unique design.

  6. Fringe Elements. Unlike the western trend we saw last season where fringe elements are common on things like leather bags and jackets, this season's fringe is light, airy, and delicate.

  7. Bold Prints. Bold is beautiful. Head into your closet and pull out your bold prints this season.

  8. Open Work Material. Reminiscent of a fish net, this is a great material for a spring sweater. Layer a tank underneath and pair with some shorts and you've built the perfect warm weather outfit.

  9. Lace. We've seen lace trending for a few seasons now. If you want to be on trend this year choose lace in a larger scale pattern.

  10. Cutwork. According to Wikipedia, cutwork is described as "Cutwork or cut work, also known as punto tagliato in Italian, is a needlework technique in which portions of a textile, typically cotton or linen, are cut away and the resulting "hole" is reinforced and filled with embroidery or needle lace."

I see two themes within these trends. And the words I would use to describe those are BOLD & OPEN. Bold prints & patterns with the bold florals, geometric prints, bold patterns and voluminous texture. Openness describes the sheer details, open work material, lace, and cutwork. Which trends will you be incorporating into your wardrobe this spring?

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