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Spring 2023 Style Trends

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu.Kenzo Takada

Fad v. Trend. Do you know the difference? According to Google a fad is "an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object's qualities; a craze." We see fads every season and most tend to be impractical for many of us. They are great for young people experimenting with their own sense of personal style and their desire to be accepted by their peers. One famous example of a fad is parachute pants (sorry MC Hammer) that were all the rage in 1990 when his hit "U Can't Touch This" was released. For those of us who are of a more mature age, fads don't seem as alluring as in the days of our youth.

On the other hand a trend is defined as "a general direction in which something is developing or changing"; "a fashion"; and "a topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media site or application within a short period of time". In regards to fashion, trends are styles, colors, fabrics, or patterns that may have been around for a long time, or are considered a classic style or wardrobe basic (such as a denim jacket or leather) but designers have chosen to focus on those specific choices for a season. You'll see trends carry over for a few seasons then slowly fade into a new choice. Trends are also dictated by societal changes.

An example of this is how the Covid-19 Pandemic changed style. Skinny jeans came on the fashion scene in 2007 and became a staple in many women's wardrobes for years. In fact, I rarely bought any other styles since my skinnies had slowly replaced my boot-cut styles from the mid-2000's. However, when the global pandemic caused everyone to stay home for months on end suddenly comfort was prioritized over style. And we began to see more relaxed fit jeans come back on the scene. Wide-leg, loose fit, and boyfriend jeans were suddenly everywhere. Are skinny jeans dead forever? Absolutely not. They'll always remain a wardrobe staple but the last few seasons they haven't been trending.

What styles will you see trending this spring season? Here are my Top 10 favorites:

  1. Sheer Influence

  2. Lace and Lace Overlay

  3. Shoulder Skimming

  4. Utilitarian Details

  5. Blazers

  6. Collared Knits

  7. 2-Piece Suiting

  8. Patterned Pants

  9. Maxed-Out Hems

  10. Embroidered Details

You can shop all 10 of these style trends on my Amazon storefront*.

Sheer Influence. I love this trend! I already have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe with sheer sleeves so this one is going to be very easy to incorporate in my spring style. This trend has been popular with celebrities and I've seen lots of sheer dresses the last few months. However, for most of us just adding a sheer detail like a sleeve is something we're more comfortable with rather than an entirely sheer garment.

Lace and Lace Overlay. Want to add a feminine touch to your outfit? Lace is the perfect way to add some delicate contract to a structured piece like the trending 2-piece suits of the season. Choose an all-over lace garment or look for touches of lace as an accent.

Shoulder Skimming. Gone are the cold-shoulder tops that had a hold on style trends for much of the past few decades. A contemporary look includes an asymmetrical shoulder or off the shoulder top. You can also incorporate one of the other styles by looking for a top with sheer sleeves, lace detail, or embroidery.

Utilitarian Details. Ways to add this functional style to your spring wardrobe include cargo pants, jackets, and even dresses. While I personally won't sport this trend as it doesn't align with my signature style, it's perfect for those with a casual vibe who want to add some detail to their look.

Blazers. In my closet, blazers are not a trend but a staple. I'm the girl who will reach for a blazer over a cardigan any day. This season you'll see all shapes & sizes...over-sized, fitted, part of a 2-piece suit. Throw one on with jeans and a lace tank or a t-shirt and cargo pants. Whether you choose bright and colorful, patterned, or a beautiful pastel shade you'll be on-trend when you sport this style.

Collared Knits. The perfect mix of comfort and dressy. A collar always adds a formal touch to any piece while a knit fabric is soft and cozy. Instead of a regular button-down or collared polo shirt this season try adding a collared knit and you'll look fresh and modern.

2-Piece Suiting. Not just for the office anymore. 2-piece suits can add fun to your wardrobe this season with bright pops of colors, neutrals, or beautiful pastels. Go for a mixed style by combining your suit with sneakers and a t-shirt. Or try a 2-piece suit with shorts instead of pants. 2-piece suits can also been worn separately (see blazer tips above).

Patterned Pants. My closet is filled with way more solids than prints so my outfits can tend to look pretty simple if I don't intentionally add accessories or mix textures or styles. A great way to create a more interesting look is by adding patterns. This season try adding a printed pant in gingham, floral, stripes, or an abstract pattern.

Maxed Out Hems. Whether you choose a midi or maxi skirt or dress, or add an interesting asymmetrical hem, sport a longer hemline this season. I love wearing dresses in the spring and those longer hemlines are especially nice as the weather is still warming up. Whether you're headed to a bridal shower, church, or brunch with the girls, a maxi dress is the perfect choice this spring.

Embroidered Details. Embroidered details near a collar, down the sleeve, or even on pants is a fun way to add some interest to your outfit. It's often the small details that can express your personality in an otherwise basic outfit.

You can find all 10 of these trends on Amazon when you visit my Spring 2023 Style Trends list*.

*affiliate link

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