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Stepping into Spring in Style

Spring is finally here! And depending on where you live in the country it's almost time to put away the winter boots and pull out those sandals that have been in storage all winter. Whether you consider yourself a fashion-forward person who keeps up with trends or not, you are influenced by them if you go shopping for new pieces during a season. Fashion designers base their collections on seasonal trends and this applies not only to clothing but accessories as well. When a style is trending you will find those items predominantly displayed on the shelves and more readily available everywhere from high end boutiques to your local discount store.

Whether you're planning to head out and purchase some new shoes this spring or you're just planning to pull your warm weather footwear out of storage, it's my job to keep you apprised of the current trending styles. Here are my top 10 shoe trends for Spring & Summer 2024:

  1. Simple Sandals. Pretty self explanatory. Simple. Flat. Not a lot of embellishment or details. We all likely have a few pairs of these in our closet whether it's a flip flop, a simple slide, or a strappy sandal. Versatile and comfy. This style should be in everyone's wardrobe this season.

  2. Ballet Flats. Look for a rounded or square toe to be on trend this season. Bonus trend: ballet flats in patent leather are sure to be a hit this spring & summer.

  3. Sling Back Kitten Heels. High heel wearers are sure to love this one as a low heel is definitely more comfortable to walk in than a stiletto. If you are looking to add a new pair of heels this season, this is it!

  4. Flatforms. Named for a straight across sole that's flat on the bottom. Can be found in lots of different styles such as sandals, sneakers, loafers, and espadrilles.

  5. Metallic Toe Cap. Whether you prefer a ballet flat, high heel, or even a sneaker these are a fun shoe trend this season. Choose an Olympic inspired metallic finish in gold, silver, or bronze.

  6. Double Strap Heels. Classic, elegant & minimalist. Perfect for warmer weather and super versatile too. Can go with everything from a dressy evening gown to jeans for a more casual vibe.

  7. Mary Janes. This style continues to dominate the trend cycle. You'll see Mary Janes in lots of variations from flats to heels this season. Bonus trend: choose red for a fun pop of color!

  8. Pop Color Pumps. Do you love bold & bright hues? Add a high heel in your favorite hue to your outfit this season. Hot pink, lime green, vibrant purple, electric blue, the options are endless.

  9. White Pointy Toe. White shoes are a spring & summer staple but if you want to be on trend this year choose one with a pointy toe. Opt for flats, heels, or sling backs.

  10. Pointy Toed Mules. Another pointy toe trend is the mule. You might prefer a flat or a heel. Choose the style and heel height that work best for your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Whether you're shopping your closet or shopping at the mall, shoes are a fun and easy way to add current trends to your wardrobe. They can also be an inexpensive way to incorporate new styles each season. But even if you're a style fashionista, trying to incorporate all 10 of these trends might be overwhelming and can get expensive. I recommend choosing 2-3 styles that work best for your lifestyle and wardrobe. You might already have a few of these in your closet. In that case, you can sport the latest trends without spending a dime. If you are planning to head to the mall or a local shoe store this spring take this list with you. Then get ready to step fashion forward into spring!

Note: All pictures shown are from the Sam Edelman website. I am not affiliated with nor sponsored by Sam Edelman.

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