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What are you leaving behind?

It's a brand new year! Although I know nothing magically happens when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, a new year is always exciting. A fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. For those of you who might not regularly scroll social media there was a trend going around over the last week or so where content creators were sharing things they're leaving behind in 2023. Here are some of mine, what I want to focus on in 2024, and how I'll do that:

  1. Leaving behind: Staying up late. Focusing on: Getting quality sleep. How will I do this? Prioritizing a good and consistent bedtime routine, avoiding caffeine after noon, staying off my phone after 9 pm, and reading each night before bed.

  2. Leaving behind: Mindless scrolling on social media. Focusing on: Reading more. How: Setting limits on my social media apps, not bringing my phone to bed, reading at least 15 minutes each night before bed, listening to audio books while I'm cleaning or doing other mindless tasks.

  3. Leaving behind: Toxic diet culture & extreme exercise. Focusing on: Mindful, intuitive eating, and gentle movement. How: Listening to my body, eating things that make me feel good, more fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Avoiding things that make me feel tired, bloated, and sluggish. Less alcohol. Doing exercise I enjoy, like walking, yoga, hiking, and lifting weights.

  4. Leaving behind: Doubt, fear, indecision. Focusing on: Intentional steps towards my goals. How: Working with a business coach, creating both a vision board and an action plan for my goals, daily prayer, meditation, affirmations, and regular journaling.

  5. Leaving behind: Heavy makeup, lash extensions, fake nails. Focusing on: Classic makeup, natural features, healthy skin and nails. How: Prioritizing a skin care routine, simplifying my beauty routine, at-home manicures.

  6. Leaving behind: Over-spending and over-consumption. Focusing on: A no-buy* year, saving, paying off debt, purchasing second hand, sustainability. How: *Completing my no-buy year in regards to clothing, shoes, and accessories. Budgeting each month. Using things up completely before buying more. Shopping thrift stores for household items or checking the local no-buy group before purchasing new items. Purging and selling or donating items I no longer need.

  7. Leaving behind: Fast fashion. Focusing on: Sustainable fashion. How: Although I'm not buying any new items this year, I plan to spend 2024 researching sustainability in fashion, learning about different materials, how clothes are manufactured, the impact on the environment, researching ethical and sustainable brands. (More to come!)

  8. Leaving behind: Following trends. Focusing on: Authenticity to my personal style. How: Leaning into my Signature Style Statement and purging my wardrobe of anything that doesn't align.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

This year as I turn 50 in April I want to truly lean into my most authentic self. Not following what others say is popular or what's "in" or "out" but wearing and doing the things that make me most feel like me. I also think about what I'm leaving behind. My impact on the environment, my mission to empower others, my legacy. If you want to discover your personal style and lean into your most authentic self this year join me for my FREE Signature Style Workshop on Saturday, January 27 at 12p EST/9a PST. You can register HERE. Want to attend but can't be there live? Register and you'll receive the replay. In the meantime think about this question: what can you leave behind in 2023 and what can you focus on in this new year?

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Great ideas, Dawn. I’m not on a no-buy journey. But I’m going to shop my closet so much more. And I’m embracing neutrals this year. I’m leaving behind inactivity and shyness. I’m embracing gentle movement and trying new things, even if it means I attend something alone. Happy 2024.

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