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Are you a Mary Kay Consultant looking for tools to better serve your color customers?  I'd love to work with you to help you make sure you're recommending the best makeup shades for all of your clients. For more details and pricing on my services please email me at


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Free Resources
I have lots of free resources available to help you learn more about how Color Analysis can benefit you and your customers.

Customized Makeup Guides

Order customized Makeup Guides featuring your name, personal website & contact information. Makeup Guides will list colors recommended for that Color Code and include pictures of MK products available for sale. Each guide will also list two sets available for purchase which allows the client to select colors from the guide. Great resource to use when closing your color appointments. PDF Downloadable format only.

Color Swatch Cards

Color Swatch Cards are available for all 6 Color Codes and can be used to help select cosmetics colors during your color appointments as well as recommend nail colors to your clients.

Earn Dovetail Commission

Refer your client to Beauty by Dawn B for a Color Analysis Confirmation, Mini Color Session, or Color Experience and receive commission.

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